South African Banks Failing Online

Of four major banks in South Africa it is clear that not a single bank has grown in organic search visibility (the overall search performance of a website) over the past 2 years. Even as the economy grows, more people needing banking services, in addition to the opportunity to take market share from competitors, the marketplace has stayed the same. This is how it looks, and what I think should be done about it.

Avoid Penalties in Google’s Spammy Queries Algorithm and Beat your Competition

I have recently written about backlink audits on domains that have extensive manipulation of their link profile. The single largest reason to manipulate an anchor text profile is to make money by achieving good positions for specific commercial keywords; other smaller reasons could be for political interest (elections) or promotion or defense of an individual’s name (ego).

Link Profile Audit & Clean Up

With link profiles coming into the spotlight ever since Google started cracking down on anchor text manipulation (in an update labelled The Penguin Update), it is strongly advised that every website owner do an audit of the anchor text used in links pointing to their website. A perfect link profile that will last  until the end of time is one …

Steps to Take Before Google’s Upcoming 2013 Merchant Update

In the latest weather report Google’s Matt Cutts has suggested that in 2013 we are going to see an updated or additional Google algorithm that works to filter out poor quality online stores from its organic search results.  Filtering out low quality results is nothing new to Google, but it seems that Google now thinks it is time to filter eCommerce sites as well. Online …