5 Mightly Content Tips to get you More Readers and Links

Much of the time writers look to increasing word count before seeking to expand their readership. I don’t want to berate or look down on that approach, label it is criminal, because it is a very simple trap to fall into. It could be better said that often less words make better content, that brevity is your friend, or the best quote ever from Blaise Pascal “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” Here are five tips that I suggest for any writer looking to produce better great content to increase readership and attract links.

What Makes Great Web Content

Internet users have learned how to notice very soon after landing on a webpage if the content they are about to read is worth spending time reading because they believe they will find what they have come for. It is forgotten too often that visitors actually do read the text on the pages of a website. But what makes great web content?