Hi, I’m Spammack.

jeff-sq-imageMy name is Jeffrey Cammack.  I have worked with SEO and online marketing for large online brands since 2004.  I have always had a passion for online business and delivering results that affect the bottom line.  I live in Sweden as that is where my career started and where I continue to do most work, but consult in English-language markets all over the world.

I started this blog as an outlet for writing about things that I enjoy reading about, and with the hope that some newcomers with interest in the online world would find some advice that is useful to them and could spark a thought or encourage a career.  Today it continues to serve this purpose, but it also gives companies an insight into the world of SEO and my consultancy services.  If you need growth for your business, SEO could be exactly what you need.

xpats-logo-78 A note for xpats.nu visitors:  You have arrived here expecting to browse Swedish jobs in English, read our famous Swedish survival guide, and read blog posts about the start of my time in Sweden.  I thank you for the 10+ years, but today it is time for Xpats to close.  Thank you Xpats for being a playground for experiments, a trusted hobby, and most of all launching my career in SEO and online product management.

Every website that generates leads or sales online needs SEO work to be done, and the more competitive the market, the more your competitors are working to take your business away by improving their online presence.  In the fast changing world of SEO, competition can change overnight, but this aspect also gives you the chance to update your strategy and take in more business.